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 Sports Recovery Specialist
Optimal performance can only be achieved if you are optimally recovered.
There is only a limited amount of training time and intensity and athlete can put into every workout.  In order to reap the benefits of training the athlete must also focus on optimal recovery.  That's what RECOVERY TEAM can do for you!
Offering highly effective and comprehensive emphasis on recovery, the RECOVERY TEAM utilizes cutting-edge technology, fully customized treatment programs and a state-of-the-art monitoring service to help athletes recover quicker and stronger, enabling them to perform at their optimum level.  It comes down to being efficent in your training and your recovery!
Recovery is just as important as training, yet it seems not many athletes’ trainers or coaches really focus on the aspects of recovery. Recovery Team specializes in optimal recovery to boost your athletic performance. Whether you’re recovering from a physical injury or you’re training for an event, let the RECOVERY TEAM help you boost your performance.
We consult and work with individual athletes and teams of all levels and disciplines.
banner REcovery TeamIf you are marathon training, training for triathlon, endurance training, training in Brazilian jiu jitsu, football or any sporting event that requires physical training we can help you achieve the next level.
Our services will improve your sports performance training, prevent overtraining, guide you through proper nutrition and sports, prevent many common injuries in sports, and coach you to achieving your goals!
There are many performance coaches, personal trainers, and sport medicine specialists but there are few if any Recovery Specialists.  Let Recovery Team guide you to achieving your goals in an efficient, scientific, personal and common sense approach.
Your coaches and trainers will make you work hard.  Recovery Team will make sure that you go back the next day ready to work even harder!  It comes down to training hard but also making sure your not overtraining.  That's what specialize in, prevention of overtraining through our proven science based techniques.  If your overtraining even slightly it will show in your performance and eventually lead to sports injuries.
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